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09/18/2013Former UNC student dies in shooting 1  NAVY YARD SHOOTINGS
02/01/1995Printing body paragraph was courageous decision [letter] 10  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
...Direct anger at faulty courts, not at photograph [letter] 10  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
...Coverage was expected; tabloid photo was not [letter] 10  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
01/27/19952 shot dead on henderson st. 1  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
01/30/1995Strong memories evoked by few words 1  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
01/31/1995Suspect moved to state prison 1  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
02/01/1995Eye catching photo shoed lack of tact [letter] 10  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
01/27/1995Nearby deaths stun sorority 1  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
02/20/1995Double-murder case to go before grand jury today 1  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
02/01/1995Photo offended friends of victim, all UNC students [letter] 10  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
01/30/1995UNC counselors work overtime to offer help 4  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
02/03/1995I still don't think I'm a hero 3  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
01/30/1995Coach, emotional teammates remember Reichardt 2  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
...Suspect could miss today's arraignment 1  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
03/14/1995Jury levies new charges 1  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
03/03/1995Ammunition in botanical gardents may be Williamson's 1  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
01/27/1995Hero tackled assailant, ending shooting spree 1  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
01/30/1995Ed:Community responds to tragedy 10  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
...Murder victim was turning his life around 1  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
01/31/1995Temporary insanity defense means proving "defect of mind" 1  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
08/27/2003Shooting Suspects sought by Police 6  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
07/08/2004Batts, prison detainee, shoots self at UNC Hospitals 3  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
07/15/2004Detainee released from hospital 2  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
10/04/2004Police continue to look into shooting on Rosemary St. 3  SHOOTINGS, CHAPEL HILL
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