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02/03/2003Committees seek 2 vice chancellors 9  SHELTON, ROBERT
09/25/2000Search Committee Names Final Choice For Provost 1  SHELTON, ROBERT
11/20/2001Provost makes suggestion for CCPS director 1  SHELTON, ROBERT
02/01/2001Provost shelton faces full 1st day 1  SHELTON, ROBERT
02/25/2002Faculty criticize BOG plan 1  SHELTON, ROBERT
12/02/2002UNC Schools Gain Courses, Attention 1  SHELTON, ROBERT
10/16/2000BOG Approves Finance Chief, Provost 1  SHELTON, ROBERT
02/08/2002University cuts not yet clear 1  SHELTON, ROBERT
10/24/2001ASU keeps freeze on expenses 3  SHELTON, ROBERT
03/08/2001New provost adjusts to hectic days 1  SHELTON, ROBERT
10/11/2002UNC Libraries Escape Budget Cuts for Now 3  SHELTON, ROBERT
04/30/2002UNC task force tries to prioritize academic goals 3  SHELTON, ROBERT
03/05/2001Shelton: UNC should not be 'cookie cutter' 3  SHELTON, ROBERT
11/22/2002UNC Discusses Joint Venture With ECSU 1  SHELTON, ROBERT
12/04/2003Shelton has reins in tuition overhaul 1  SHELTON, ROBERT
11/12/2003University takes on global focus 3  SHELTON, ROBERT
09/23/2003Week kicks off with honor pledges 7  SHELTON, ROBERT
10/06/2003Council mulls plans for retaining faculty 2  SHELTON, ROBERT
09/04/2003Athletics tackles booster shortfall 1  SHELTON, ROBERT
09/29/2003Search for vice chancellor stalls 1  SHELTON, ROBERT
03/31/2004Five UNC officials honored for dedication to students 3  SHELTON, ROBERT