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10/21/1991Police nab rape suspect, sketch . . . 1  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
08/20/1999UNC Assault Victim Recaps Nightmare 3  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
01/08/19923 rapes reported during Winter Break 1  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
11/19/1992Editorial: Thanks, Carl [sexual assault] 8  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
01/21/1994Panel votes against appeal provision 3  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
04/21/1997Officials, student leaders respond to recent assault 1  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
01/23/1995UNC, SBI investigate 2nd assault 1  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
11/10/1992Editorial: Sex sells [Sweet Carolines] 6  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
10/05/1999In the Face OF Pain 3  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
09/13/1989Man breaks into home, sexually assaults 1  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
10/20/1999BOLO' suspect to Face rape Charge Despite Earlier Ruling  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
01/27/1994Editorial: A good top ten (sexaul assaualt police procedure) 12  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
11/10/1997Woman reports sexual assault during football game 1  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
08/18/19992 Assaults Threaten Campus 1  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
12/06/1990Editorial: Be cautious (kidnappings) 8  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
08/24/1999Students Must Take Action To Prevent Sexual Assaults (letter) 12  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
01/11/1991Composite released of assault suspect 1  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
01/22/1990Arrested man suspected of 2nd rape 1  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
11/16/1976Women's safety: The darker side 1  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
04/19/1994"Survivor's Wall" tells stories of rape, assault 3  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
09/13/1999Police Arrest Student in Attack 1  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
06/22/1989Strangers do not commit most assaults 5  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
09/30/1976Op.Ed: Sex laws--archaic, but still 8  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
09/12/1973UNC woman assaulted 1  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
08/27/1999Students Unite to'Take Back the Night' 3  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
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