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02/06/1991Seniors guaranteed priority. . .UNC-Duke 3  SENIORS
10/20/1997Seniors face hurdles in quest to receive December degrees 3  SENIORS
02/07/1991Seniors: tickets for Duke (letter) 10  SENIORS
04/12/2000Editorial: Necessary delay 12  SENIORS
10/29/1971Many offices help graduation seniors 5  SENIORS
10/13/2003Op.Ed: Senior input missing piece in decisions involving class 10  SENIORS
02/04/2004All students can participate in SouthPoint discounts 2  SENIORS
04/15/2004Leap of faith 3  SENIORS
04/19/2004Taking last days in stride 3  SENIORS
04/20/2004Senior embodies goals achieved 3  SENIORS
04/21/2004Senior's balancing act: The full college experience 3  SENIORS
08/27/2004Serious fun 5  SENIORS
02/06/2012Ed: A privilege well deserved 7  SENIORS
04/17/1942Bob Spence Conquers Senior Class Executive Position 1  SENIORS
05/10/1942Seniors Shed Serious Vein For Last Fling At Collich Days 6  SENIORS
05/16/1942Norvo Band to Give Seniors Musical Farewell Tonight; Rivals Team for S&F Comedy 1  SENIORS
09/24/2007Senior class Habitat building project begins 4  SENIORS
04/23/2014Seniors climb bell tower embrace their last week 1  SENIORS
01/25/1995Retirees relocate to town 5  SENIORS AND STUDENTS, CHAPEL HILL
10/29/1997Campbell sprints for spot on Olympic team 2  SENIORS AT UNC
10/13/2003Op.Ed: Senior input missing piece in decisions involving class 10  SENIORS AT UNC
05/07/1963Seniors Take 'Parting Shots' At University 1  SENIORS AT UNC
05/05/1964Senior Class Festivities Today And Tomorrow 1  SENIORS AT UNC
05/18/1964Four Seniors Level 'Parting Shots' 3  SENIORS AT UNC
...Class Officers Tell Of the Year Behind 3  SENIORS AT UNC
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