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09/20/1994Senior class gift stacks up well compared to presents of the past 3  SENIOR CLASS GIFT
10/03/2003Editorial: Leaving a Mark 8  SENIOR CLASS GIFT
04/02/2004Senior gift becomes a group effort 3  SENIOR CLASS GIFT
03/28/1963Senior Class Gift Deleted From Next Year's Budget 1  SENIOR CLASS GIFT
04/28/1930Editorial: A suggestion for the Senior Gift 2  SENIOR CLASS GIFT
04/15/2015Ed: The gift of context 8  SENIOR CLASS GIFT
09/11/1985'84 & '85 class give at record rate 5  SENIOR CLASS GIFT '85
11/12/1986Class of '87 announces $200,000 1  SENIOR CLASS GIFT '87
03/20/1989ACC schools surpass goals. . .fund-raisers 1  SENIOR CLASS GIFT '89
03/08/1989Chancellor's Award to honor founder. . . 3  SENIOR CLASS GIFT '89
10/02/1990Class initiates towel drive for IFC 3  SENIOR CLASS GIFT '91
02/18/1991Editorial: Seniors giving back to UNC 8  SENIOR CLASS GIFT '91
02/25/1991Senior class library gift (letter) 10  SENIOR CLASS GIFT '91
02/18/1991Op.Ed: Gifts will enhance library 9  SENIOR CLASS GIFT '91
02/21/1991Senior gift pledges exceed goal 1  SENIOR CLASS GIFT '91
10/11/1995Senior gift will help advising 1  SENIOR CLASS GIFT, 1996
09/06/2002Senior Officers to Pick 3 Options for Gift 3  SENIOR CLASS GIFT, 2003
04/14/2004Seniors raise money for faculty 2  SENIOR CLASS GIFT, 2004
08/30/2004Options for senior gift still not set 3  SENIOR CLASS GIFT, 2005
10/21/2004Seniors given 4 choices for gift 1  SENIOR CLASS GIFT, 2005
10/25/2004Seniors to vote on gift Tuesday 1  SENIOR CLASS GIFT, 2005
10/26/2004Seniors have four excellent possibilities to leave a lasting legacy on our campus (letter) 10  SENIOR CLASS GIFT, 2005
10/27/2004Seniors decide on memorial as '05 gift 1  SENIOR CLASS GIFT, 2005
10/29/2004Seniors begin planning for 9/11 memorial 2  SENIOR CLASS GIFT, 2005