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11/21/2003Residents, leaders air redistricting complaints 3  SENATE, N.C.
...Editorial: Providing a voice 10  SENATE, N.C.
11/24/2003N.C. senator to switch to Republican Party today 3  SENATE, N.C.
03/21/2011ABC stores may open Sundays 3  SENATE, N.C.
03/25/2011'That's politics': Kinnaird loses power with Republicans 1  SENATE, N.C.
05/12/2011NC Senate proposes smaller cuts to UNC system 3  SENATE, N.C.
03/30/2012UNC workers petition NC Senate bill 1  SENATE, N.C.
04/20/1963Senate Tables Resolution Asking For Classic Probe 1  SENATE, N.C.
04/25/1963Education Bill Is Amended By House 1  SENATE, N.C.
01/08/1963'Little Federal' plan goes to polls Tuesday 1  SENATE, N.C.
07/18/2013Abortion bill battles heat up 3  SENATE, N.C.
07/25/2013Election bill bars college IDs from polls 1  SENATE, N.C.
08/20/2013Kinnard resigns after 17 years 1  SENATE, N.C.
08/26/2013Seven vie for Kinnaird's place in Senate 1  SENATE, N.C.
09/05/2013McCrory vetoes overridden 1  SENATE, N.C.
09/06/2013Kinnaird replacement to be chosen 1  SENATE, N.C.
09/16/2013Democrats look to fill House seat 1  SENATE, N.C.
09/25/2013Foushee to be sworn in today 1  SENATE, N.C.
08/16/2008N.C. Senate strengthens gun control laws 11  SENATE, N.C.
01/15/2014NC gay marriage ban's fate unclear 11  SENATE, N.C.
10/28/2008Ed: Hagan for Senate 6  SENATE, N.C.
10/29/2008Ed: Kinnaird for State Senate 12  SENATE, N.C.
10/31/2008Economy on midns as Hagan woos voters 7  SENATE, N.C.
11/04/2008Senate battle surprises 1  SENATE, N.C.
11/05/2008Hagan's upset victory stuns incumbent dole 1  SENATE, N.C.
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