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10/09/196018-Year-Old Has 1-10 Chance To Skip Draft 3  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
10/19/1968II-S Deferments Penalize Some University Students 3  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
11/08/1968Draft Seminar Scheduled 1  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
12/06/1968Draft Topics Expanded 2  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
12/13/1968Money Pledged To Draft Resistence 1  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
02/06/1969Army Rejects Draft Resister 1  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
09/17/1967Draft Deferment Requests Must Be Filed October 1 1  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
11/18/1961Student Draftees Subject To Same Rules As Others 1  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
10/27/1967That Ever Present Draft 2  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
11/11/1967Vietnam War To Cut Graduate Enrollment 1  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
12/10/1967Hershey Should Resign Or Be Fired 2  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
12/14/1967Draft Is Practical Necessity 2  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
02/17/1968Selective Service Drops Deferments for Most Grads 1  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
03/14/1968Anti-War Junior Reclassified 1-A, Returns Deferment 1  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
05/10/1968Draft To Effect Grad Students 1  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
05/11/1968Editorial: Drafting Grads Mistake 2  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
09/17/1966Cut-Off Grades In Draft Given 1  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
09/20/1966Want To Be Sure To Avoid The Draft? Enlist 3  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
03/06/1963Draft extension gains support of commmittee 1  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
10/03/1941Congress May Alter Draft Act 1  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
02/14/1942UNC Selective Service Registration To Enroll 450 Men in Memorial Hall 1  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)
02/15/1942Monday's Draftees To Wait for Call 1  SELECTIVE SERVICE (DRAFT)