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02/11/1986Police investigate rapes, 2 UNC co-eds 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
03/26/1979A victim's story: 'He was choking me' 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
01/09/1986Editorial: Fear and rape 6  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
08/30/1983Suspect regarded as devout Christian 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
09/02/1992Feds take custody of man charged with rape 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
06/09/1988Editorial: Just a tap (Harrison case) 16  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
01/08/19923 rapes reported during Winter Break 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
04/22/1992Honor Court rape policy questioned 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
11/05/1992Police delay investigation into rape of UNC student 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
11/17/1987Crisis center coordinator talks 3  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
03/01/1982UNC police report 3. . .sexual assault 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
04/02/1993Harris has suffered without the benefit...(letter) 10  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
10/21/1996Helping rape victims to recover by looking past blame, . . . 13  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
10/26/1993Editorial: Inexcusable behavior 8  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
03/16/1983Four sexual assaults reported. . . 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
09/13/1989Man breaks into home, sexually assaults 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
06/09/1988UNC student sentenced, assault case 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
10/27/1989Investigation..Craige lot rape case 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
04/10/1986The unseen anguish of rape 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
03/26/1993Allred urges women to fight campus rape 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
06/11/1992Catullo seesk to strike arrest from record 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
10/20/1992Informatnt: Larger reward deserved 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
11/21/1988Op.Ed: Bite out crime: SAFE 11  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
12/05/1990SHS says rape victim was not refused 1  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
10/22/1987Editorial: safety of home erodes 12  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
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