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02/08/1993Concert officials: Tax would hurt... 1  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
02/26/1997Proposed road could combat Smith Center traffic congestion 4  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
09/01/2000Editorial: Smoke Sceen 12  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
03/01/1999WCW Monday Nitro to Slam Into Campus 3  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
02/06/1997Scalpers hawk tickets despite police presence 3  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
08/31/2000Students to Move Courtside 1  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
09/11/1995Clapton stuns sold-out crowd at Smith Center with blues revue 2  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
02/02/1993UNC officials oppose $1 tax 1  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
12/05/1995TV Screens To Spice Up Smith Center 4  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
09/25/1998Smith Center Prepares For Biggest Show Ever 6  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
03/26/1998Local UNC fans can watch Final Four in Smith Center 3  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
09/24/1999Wait Ends: BCC to Get Building 1  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
11/14/1997Editorial: Stomp on 'em 10  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
04/15/1997Editorial: [Paying up] 10  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
12/04/1997Smith Center continues to struggle to make money 1  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
10/24/2001More riser seating unlikely 3  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
03/17/1999Luring the Living Arts 5  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
11/03/1994What happened to all the concerts? 1  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
01/11/1995Faculty down on upper-level dome seats 1  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
10/19/1994UNC prepares to run gauntlet in last 5 games 7  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
09/05/2000Seating Plan Disappoints Some Students 1  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
04/13/1994Smith center's problems with logistics made event no fun 8  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
08/28/1997Road's construction draws more protest 1  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
03/25/1991Students deserve better seats (letter) 10  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
11/20/2002Smith Center to Operate in Red 1  SEE SAC (SMITH CENTER)
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