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08/25/2003Students granted chance to study, travel 9B  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
09/30/2003Scholarship set for kin of FBI workers 3  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
08/24/2004Grants give students an education 1  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
03/02/2009S4Si auction raises $8,000 for scholarships for foreign girls 3  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
03/14/1963NSA Offers 21 Scholarships To Relations Meet 1  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
03/17/1963Wales Picked Tour Scholar 1  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
05/08/1963Mangum Captures Top Dorm Awards For Scholarship 1  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
02/14/2013Scholarship search database launches 3  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
09/24/1941Flying Scholarships Reduced; Duke Students To Use Carolina Field 1  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
...Carolina Alumnus Offers Art, Drama, Scholarships B1  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
11/29/1941UNC Football Scholarships Still Mystery 1  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
08/26/2013Covenant aids more students 3  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
05/22/1942$50,000 Scholarship Campaign To Start Today 1  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
05/23/1942Ruffinites Donate $55 Dollars To Scholarship Drive 1  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
05/26/1942Debators Give $200 To Scholarship Drive 1  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
05/27/1942Debaters Add $560 To Drive 1  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
05/29/1942Drive Aided By Free Show; Funds Pass $2,000 Mark 1  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
05/17/1930Bank Association gives University scholarshp gift 1  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
02/08/2008Alum creates scholarship for first generation students 3  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
09/26/2008$915,000 signed to UNC 3  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
10/13/2008Fundraiser contributes to Zanzibar scholarships 3  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
06/18/2009University officials deal with budget gap 3  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
04/24/2008Editorial: Pay for their state 14  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
09/18/1962More Students To Seek Financial Aid From Loans, Scholarships, Self-Help 4  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
09/08/2014Students mourn longtime advocate for affordability 1  SCHOLARSHIPS, UNC
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