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04/12/1999Editorial: Excess Burden 10  ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS
02/01/1974Woman awarded athletic scholarship 1  ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS
02/15/1974Editorial: Scholarships aid women 6  ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS
01/27/2004Ads could boost scholarship funds 3  ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS
11/19/2004UNC boosters face struggles with funding 1  ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS
10/17/2011Athletic fee vote postponed 1  ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS
07/12/2012Ed: Athletic culture needs change 8  ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS
10/16/2012UNC athlete recognized by NASCAR driver 7  ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS
11/29/1941UNC Football Scholarships Still Mystery 1  ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS
02/11/2009Ed: Don't foul scholarships 10  ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS
01/21/2015NCAA approves athlete support 1  ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS
01/30/1997BSM to establish scholarship in honor of slain UNC jr. 2  BSM, SCHOLARSHIPS, BSM
04/16/2003Distinguished scholarships awarded to 6 UNC students 3  CHURCHILL SCHOLARSHIPS
04/27/1993Class of 1938 winners to receive travel money 3  CLASS OF 1938 SCHOLARSHIPS
10/18/1969Alumni Grants $250,000 1  CLASS OF 1938 SCHOLARSHIPS
04/08/2011Five Students awarded Class of 1938 study abroad awards 3  CLASS OF 1938 SCHOLARSHIPS
04/10/2012Six students awarded study abroad fellowships 3  CLASS OF 1938 SCHOLARSHIPS
11/11/1996University students win $1K Kmart scholarships 3  K-MART SCHOLARSHIPS
06/15/1995Minority preference reversed 3  MINORITY PREFERENCE SCHOLARSHIPS
03/24/1993UNC split on minority scholarships 1  MINORITY SCHOLARSHIPS
05/25/1995Ed: Don't sink scholarships 10  MINORITY SCHOLARSHIPS
01/10/1991Thought safe despite threatened policy 1  MINORITY SCHOLARSHIPS
08/21/1995Administrators unsure if ruling will affect UNC's minority scholarships 5B  MINORITY SCHOLARSHIPS
05/25/1995Decision won't affect Carolina scholarships 1  MINORITY SCHOLARSHIPS
09/30/1999State Law Keeps UNC from Funding Program of Minority Scholarships 16  MINORITY SCHOLARSHIPS
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