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02/03/1995Congress has say in VP choice 3  SBVP
01/30/1995Finance committee subpoenas 11 3  SBVP
02/09/1971Blue asks students to fight University 1  SBVP
03/04/1993Copland selects Toll to serve as next... 1  SBVP
08/28/1973Tenney is new VP, first woman 9b  SBVP
09/18/1972UNC criticized for fee procedures 1  SBVP
03/19/1998Cabinet: students guide leaders' decisions 3  SBVP
03/05/2001Committee announces student body officers 1  SBVP
03/24/1997Nathan taps male vice president 1  SBVP
03/03/1997Court will announce decision in McIntyre's suit this week 3  SBVP
12/05/1991Student vice president might be elected post 1  SBVP
07/03/2002Hiller Appoints ASG Delegates to Represent UNC 1  SBVP
03/23/1992Moody appoints campaign manager as VP 1  SBVP
03/04/1993"I'm still a little kid": Student body... 3  SBVP
01/26/1998Editorial: No voice for students 10  SBVP
10/20/1997Vice president should remain student best qualified for job (letter) 14  SBVP
03/27/1997Editorial: [No token] 12  SBVP
08/27/2002ASG Delegate Decisions Final 1  SBVP
02/09/1995Battle, vice president playing race card in investigation 8  SBVP
08/30/2002Know the Code 8  SBVP
02/28/1997Suit to clarify position of vice president 3  SBVP
03/21/1994Battle appoints students to top cabinet posts 3  SBVP
01/23/1998Referendum not to appear on ballot 1  SBVP
10/20/1997Editorial: Running mates 14  SBVP
04/15/1972VP given power top break tie vote 1  SBVP
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