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02/12/2003Tepper, Shin advance -- to runoff 1  SBP RACE, 2003
02/06/2003Cherry wins GLBTSA endorsement 1  SBP RACE, 2003
02/04/2003Candidates look to improve safety 3  SBP RACE, 2003
01/15/2003Student campaigns get underway 8  SBP RACE, 2003
02/19/2003Tepper triumphs -- secures presidency with 56.6 perceint of votes 1  SBP RACE, 2003
01/28/2003SBP hopefuls share key campaign goals 1  SBP RACE, 2003
02/07/2003Carolina Week features forum for SBP candidates 1  SBP RACE, 2003
01/29/2003Pickett's platform centers on intergity, sense 3  SBP RACE, 2003
01/16/2003Candidates praise campaign reforms 1  SBP RACE, 2003
01/31/2003Shin captures 2nd SBP endorsement 1  SBP RACE, 2003
02/17/2003Shin, Tepper unlikely to pick up new issues 3  SBP RACE, 2003
02/13/2003Sing gains support of former SBP candidates 1  SBP RACE, 2003
02/17/2003Shin, Tepper to meet in last forum 1  SBP RACE, 2003
02/04/2003Blue & White: Vote Cherry for SBP 4  SBP RACE, 2003
...Young Democrats, Sangam endorse Tepper for SBP 1  SBP RACE, 2003
02/13/2003Sing, Tepper kick off final push 1  SBP RACE, 2003
01/23/2003Shin snags BSM endorsement 1  SBP RACE, 2003
02/26/2003SBP candidates spend less than limit 4  SBP RACE, 2003
02/17/2003Misspelling Shin's Name likely an attempt by DTH to mock (letter) 8  SBP RACE, 2003
02/06/2003Sports Clubs give Tepper 3rd SBP endorsement 1  SBP RACE, 2003
02/04/2003Candidates: Race's role varies in SBP elections 9  SBP RACE, 2003
02/17/2003DTH disrespected candidate by neglecting to catch 2 misspelled headlines (letter) 8  SBP RACE, 2003
02/05/2003Candidates pledge to work for diversity 3  SBP RACE, 2003
01/31/2003Tepper: Resourcefulness will empower students 3  SBP RACE, 2003
02/18/2003Editorial: Vote Tepper for SBP (endorsement by DTH) 10  SBP RACE, 2003
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