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02/19/2002Daum, McKinney sound off in final forum before election 1  SBP RACE 2002
...Candidates use last day to campaign 1  SBP RACE 2002
01/30/2002SEAC endorses Mason after forum on environment 1  SBP RACE, 2002
02/07/2002Two SBP campaigns cited for election code violations 3  SBP RACE, 2002
02/25/2002SBP candidate thanks supporters, voices his confidence in Jen Daum [Letter] 8  SBP RACE, 2002
04/03/2002Finances factor into race for office 5  SBP RACE, 2002
02/11/2002Overcash gets CHispA endorsement 3  SBP RACE, 2002
02/12/2002Candidates maximize exposure in last day before SBP election 1  SBP RACE, 2002
02/04/2002Student body president platforms 9  SBP RACE, 2002
02/05/2002Sangam throws weight behind McKinney 3  SBP RACE, 2002
02/18/2002DTH to host debate for SBP candidates tonight 1  SBP RACE, 2002
02/04/2002SBP candidates share tuition ideas 1  SBP RACE, 2002
02/18/2002Experts discuss feasibility of candidates' platforms 1  SBP RACE, 2002
02/06/2002IFC hosts SBP forum on Greek issues, endorses Mason 1  SBP RACE, 2002
02/07/2002Candidates consider development 1  SBP RACE, 2002
02/08/2002"Carolina Week" hosts candidates on air 1  SBP RACE, 2002
02/06/2002Campaign rule violation complaint is false alarm 2  SBP RACE, 2002
02/05/2002SBP candidates face parking issues 1  SBP RACE, 2002
02/11/2002Candidates organize last publicity push 1  SBP RACE, 2002
...SBP candidates give STV "Feedback" 1  SBP RACE, 2002
02/21/2002SBP endorsements carry less weight 1  SBP RACE, 2002
01/31/2002McKinney wins BSM endorsement for SBP 1  SBP RACE, 2002
01/29/2002Young Democrats Support McKinney 1  SBP RACE, 2002
02/06/2002SBP candidates explain goals for UNC curriculum 1  SBP RACE, 2002
02/08/2002SBP candidates analyze capacities as leaders 1  SBP RACE, 2002
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