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02/10/1999Heinke, Morrison to Duel In Runoff 1  SBP RACE, 1999
02/02/1999Candidate Forum Places Emphasis On Tuition Issues 3  SBP RACE, 1999
01/15/1999Editorial: A Dangerous Mix 8  SBP RACE, 1999
02/17/1999Heinke Hooks Presidency 1  SBP RACE, 1999
01/11/1999B-GLAD Endorses Heinke 3  SBP RACE, 1999
02/08/1999SBP Candidate Vary on Initiative 3  SBP RACE, 1999
04/07/1999New Student Leaders Take Torch 1  SBP RACE, 1999
01/29/19992 Might Sue To See Who Broke Rules 1  SBP RACE, 1999
01/21/1999Schlitt More Than Able to Balance Campaign, Congress Responsibilities (letter) 14  SBP RACE, 1999
01/12/19993 More Candidates Join Race for SBP 1  SBP RACE, 1999
02/08/1999Overseas Experience Convinces Gill to fight for change 2  SBP RACE, 1999
01/20/1999Schlitt: SBP Candidacy Does Not Outweigh Budget Process Priorities (letter) 12  SBP RACE, 1999
02/16/1999SBP Candidate Say Partisan Ties Avoided 1  SBP RACE, 1999
02/15/1999Endorsement Calls Code Into Question 1  SBP RACE, 1999
01/27/1999Candidates Prepare for Crowded Race 1  SBP RACE, 1999
02/08/1999Bass Wants Government Harmony, No Late Tuition Hikes 1  SBP RACE, 1999
...Morrison Aims to Open Government to Students 4  SBP RACE, 1999
03/02/19992 Groups Announce SBP Endorsements 3  SBP RACE, 1999
02/08/1999Visibility of Office Concern for Schlitt 4  SBP RACE, 1999
...Fleming Wants to Reach Beyond Student Government 2  SBP RACE, 1999
...Student Voice Key to Greene's Race 4  SBP RACE, 1999
...Heinke Wants Suite C to Matter 4  SBP RACE, 1999
02/05/1999SBP Candidate Vows to Boycott Final Campaign Forums 3  SBP RACE, 1999
02/02/1999Greene Finds Fault, Files Charges Against Board 1  SBP RACE, 1999
03/02/1999Violation Charges Dropped 1  SBP RACE, 1999
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