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02/19/1990Landmark SBPs look back on UNC years 1  SBP, HISTORY
02/20/1990Former SBPs tackled issues of time 1  SBP, HISTORY
04/21/2003Jen Daum Report Card: Weighing Student leaders legacies 10  SBP, HISTORY
11/18/2003Editorial: Faulty Proposal 10  SBP, HISTORY
05/07/1970Bello: 'Today We Begin To Live The Dream' 1  SBP, HISTORY
08/25/2004Op.Ed: Past leaders left legacies that have been difficult to match 12  SBP, HISTORY
09/18/1938Joyner Explains New Policy of Student Council 1  SBP, HISTORY
09/17/1938Campus Personalities: Jim Joyner 2  SBP, HISTORY
01/26/2012Ed: Defining a legacy: Mary Cooper 12  SBP, HISTORY
01/30/2012Student body presidents here and now 5  SBP, HISTORY
12/15/1962Allen raps student desplay against athletic director 1  SBP, HISTORY
04/14/1964The Candidates 1  SBP, HISTORY
...Campus To Elect 'Big Four' Today 1  SBP, HISTORY
04/15/1964Spearman Wins Student Body Presidency 1  SBP, HISTORY
01/16/1942Hobbs Will Appoint Investigating Group 1  SBP, HISTORY
02/12/2008Editorial: Make it Raynor - DTH SBP endorsement 9  SBP, HISTORY
02/14/2008Raynor begins laying groundwork for SBP 6  SBP, HISTORY
02/25/2008Carson goes to bat for students 1  SBP, HISTORY
02/27/2008Carson goals evolve with term 1  SBP, HISTORY
03/26/2008SBP elect must play catch-up 1  SBP, HISTORY
04/01/2008Raynor readies for term withoug a mentor 1  SBP, HISTORY
08/27/2008SBP races launch early 1  SBP, HISTORY
10/06/2008Ed: Raynor's big project 5  SBP, HISTORY
01/23/20095 SBP bidders clear hurdle 1  SBP, HISTORY
05/23/2008Before the big show (J. J. Raynor) 1  SBP, HISTORY
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