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04/19/1995Sanford: states should improve schools 1  SANFORD, TERRY
07/10/1975Editorial: Terry's gamble 2  SANFORD, TERRY
04/20/1998Sanford leaves rich legacy of service 1  SANFORD, TERRY
10/08/1993UNC to award 8 alumni for achievements 2  SANFORD, TERRY
03/05/1975Sanford supports sharing of authority 1  SANFORD, TERRY
06/19/1975Duke president starts long haul 13  SANFORD, TERRY
03/19/1974Reformers victorious, Democrat meeting 1  SANFORD, TERRY
03/17/1993Sanford to speak on United Nations as part of... 3  SANFORD, TERRY
11/06/1992Sanford blames illness, negative ads for defeat 1  SANFORD, TERRY
10/13/1987Sanford gives keynote University Day 1  SANFORD, TERRY
04/10/1989Senator points to UNC students. . . 1  SANFORD, TERRY
04/23/1998UNC mourns Sanford's loss; life of service will be missed (letter) 12  SANFORD, TERRY
...Sanford remembered for wit, achievements 1  SANFORD, TERRY
11/04/1992Faircloth stuns state (Senate Race) 1  SANFORD, TERRY
03/09/1972Bids for President 1  SANFORD, TERRY
02/28/1972Sanford encourages students 1  SANFORD, TERRY
06/05/1975Sanford takes the leap 2  SANFORD, TERRY
03/19/1993Sanford: U.S. should be leader 1  SANFORD, TERRY
04/02/1986Praises activism against apartheid 1  SANFORD, TERRY
03/25/1972Sanford to enter other primaries 1  SANFORD, TERRY
04/21/1998Editorial: Goodbye 12  SANFORD, TERRY
11/05/1986Defeats Broyhill for U.S. Senate 1  SANFORD, TERRY
12/14/1969Terry Sanford Gets Duke Presidency 1  SANFORD, TERRY
02/05/1960Terry Sanford Throws Hat In Ring At Fayetteville Fete In His Honor: Clean, High-Level Campaign Promised 1  SANFORD, TERRY
02/12/1960Sanford And His Issue 2  SANFORD, TERRY
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