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04/28/1999Gay Raleigh Couple Marries in Chapel Hill 7  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
08/19/1996State Bans Same-Sex Marriages 7a  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
11/24/2003Letter: Questions linger in Mass. court decision 7  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
03/25/2004Locals discuss DOMA petition 1  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
01/15/2004Editorial: Nearing Equality 10  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
02/26/2004Connor community to hold discussion on civil unions (letter) 14  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
03/04/2004N.C. law puts limit on area gay unions 1  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
03/23/2004Council to mull same-sex rights 1  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
03/26/2004Mayor to introduce marriage legislation 1  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
...Same-sex issue stirs controversy 1  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
...Editorial: The wrong forum 10  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
...Op.Ed: Kleinschmidt deserves praise for same-sex couple petition 10  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
04/07/2004Local leaders push for gay rights 1  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
...State might not follow locals' lead 1  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
04/15/2004Marriage act tops agenda 3  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
04/22/2004Panelists debate same-sex unions 3  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
04/23/2004Petition unlikely to earn N.C.'s approval 5  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
09/22/2011UNC School of Law hosts Defense of Marriage debate 4  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
09/13/2011NC could ban gay marriage 1  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
10/14/2011Gay marriage family focus 1  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
09/01/2011NC legislators considering outright gay marriage ban 1  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
01/30/2012'Amendment One' show encourages dialogue 8  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
04/05/2012Several UNC groups oppose Amendment One 3  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
04/24/2012UNC hosts Vote Against Festival 1  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
11/15/2012Opinions shift about gay marriage 3  SAME-SEX MARRIAGES
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