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11/03/1992Gless recalls Clinton's Rhodes to nomination 1  RHODES SCHOLARS
04/02/1982Rhodes scholar to study abroad 1  RHODES SCHOLARS
04/16/2003Distinguished scholarships awarded to 6 UNC students 3  RHODES SCHOLARS
12/11/1990UNC senior receives Rhodes (Henry) 3  RHODES SCHOLARS
01/09/1974McKnight awarded Rhodes 1  RHODES SCHOLARS
12/01/19926 UNC students vying for Rhodes 3  RHODES SCHOLARS
12/06/1993UNC senior wins Rhodes Scholarship 1  RHODES SCHOLARS
01/08/19752 from UNC win Rhodes Scholarships 1  RHODES SCHOLARS
12/07/1992Gunasekaran 32nd UNC student. . .coveted Rhodes. . . 1  RHODES SCHOLARS
02/03/1983Rhodes scholar explores life 4  RHODES SCHOLARS
01/13/1988On to Oxford: Hassel receives Rhodes 3  RHODES SCHOLARS
09/18/1979Just another hurdle 1  RHODES SCHOLARS
01/10/1979Rhodes award to Stevenson 9  RHODES SCHOLARS
01/30/1985Hadley places priority on extending. . . 1  RHODES SCHOLARS
01/08/1992UNC senior (Ball) to attend Oxford as Rhodes. . . 3  RHODES SCHOLARS
01/17/1990UNC classics major Balot gets Rhodes 3  RHODES SCHOLARS
01/15/1979Scholar plans Oxford study 3  RHODES SCHOLARS
01/12/1977Van Der Vaart awarded Rhodes 3  RHODES SCHOLARS
11/25/2003Student tapped for scholarship 1  RHODES SCHOLARS
10/02/1959Students Urged To Apply For Rhodes Grants 3  RHODES SCHOLARS
12/16/1959Interview Set Today For UNC Trio Seeking Rhodes Grants: Grants Provide Study At Oxford 2-3 Years 1  RHODES SCHOLARS
12/16/1960UNC Senior Nominee For Rhodes Grant 1  RHODES SCHOLARS
12/09/1961Four Nominated For Rhodes Grants 1  RHODES SCHOLARS
11/22/2004Alumna named Rhodes Scholar 3  RHODES SCHOLARS
12/15/1967Dave Kiel Nominated For Rhodes Honors 1  RHODES SCHOLARS
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