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01/13/1994Precison Auto Part 2-3 [Superchunk] 6  REVIEWS, MUSIC
12/02/1993"Thirteen Pictures: The Charles Mingus Anthology" 8  REVIEWS, MUSIC
11/11/1993Retrospective makes it much easier to say goodbye 8  REVIEWS, MUSIC
02/18/1993Omnibus: Soul Asylum (Grave Dancers Union) 5  REVIEWS, MUSIC
02/28/1991OMNIBUS: Material Issue 5  REVIEWS, MUSIC
04/08/1993Omnibus: Courtney Pine (To The Eyes of Creation) 4  REVIEWS, MUSIC
02/13/1992OMNIBUS: Girlfriend (Matthew Sweet) 4  REVIEWS, MUSIC
03/19/1992OMNIBUS: David Byrne (Uh Oh) 4  REVIEWS, MUSIC
03/03/1994Souvlaki 6  REVIEWS, MUSIC
11/02/1995Copycat 6  REVIEWS, MUSIC
10/22/1992OMNIBUS: John Coltrane Retrospective 17  REVIEWS, MUSIC
04/08/1993Omnibus: Dillon Fence (Outside In) 4  REVIEWS, MUSIC
09/12/1991OMNIBUS: Randy Travis (High Lonesome) 4  REVIEWS, MUSIC
02/13/1992OMNIBUS: Teenage Fanclub (Bandwagonesque) 4  REVIEWS, MUSIC
09/06/1990OMNIBUS: Living Colour 4  REVIEWS, MUSIC
09/25/1997Marry Me Jane---Tick 7  REVIEWS, MUSIC
04/22/1993Omnibus: Max Roach (Percussion Bitter Sweet) 4  REVIEWS, MUSIC
10/23/1997Lori Carson, Indigo Girls, Fiona Apple 9  REVIEWS, MUSIC
01/30/1992OMNIBUS: Del Shannon (Rock On) 4  REVIEWS, MUSIC
11/19/1992OMNIBUS: T. S. Monk [Take One] 5  REVIEWS, MUSIC
05/28/19923 Years, 5 months, & 2 days [Arrested Development] 7  REVIEWS, MUSIC
01/19/1995Mike, Building a Hole 9  REVIEWS, MUSIC
11/18/1993A Tribe Called Quest; "Midnight Marauders" 6  REVIEWS, MUSIC
11/29/1990OMNIBUS: Madonna, Immaculate Collection 4  REVIEWS, MUSIC
03/18/1993Omnibus: Living Colour, Stain 6  REVIEWS, MUSIC
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