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10/20/1994Exit To Eden, The Specialist, Pulp Fiction 13  REVIEWS, MOVIE
09/22/1994Spanking the Monkey, A Good Man in Africa, Timecop 12  REVIEWS, MOVIE
08/25/2003Summer movie season delivers mixed bag 6B  REVIEWS, MOVIE
...'Pirates' win, 'Ark' teaches, 'Fever' rocks 6B  REVIEWS, MOVIE
07/10/2003'T3' nearly lives up to predecessors 2  REVIEWS, MOVIE
...An open letter to 'T3' on its overpriced cliffhanger 2  REVIEWS, MOVIE
06/05/2003'Job' delivers quick, mindless fun 7  REVIEWS, MOVIE
03/25/2004Kaufman's 'Sunshine' rises to the occasion 7  REVIEWS, MOVIE
...Snyder resurrects 'Dead' classic in full gory glory 8  REVIEWS, MOVIE
...Big ambition, bigger lips can't save 'Taking Lives' 9  REVIEWS, MOVIE
01/15/2004Moore left 'Chasing' classic 6  REVIEWS, MOVIE
...Burton tells a whopper in 'Big Fish' 7  REVIEWS, MOVIE
...Lead roles masters of the 'House' 7  REVIEWS, MOVIE
...Epic 'Mountain' brings heights home 7  REVIEWS, MOVIE
09/18/2003American Splendor & Matchstick 10  REVIEWS, MOVIE
...Once Upon A Time In Mexico 9  REVIEWS, MOVIE
01/22/2004Stiller's slump protracted by pathetic 'Polly' 7  REVIEWS, MOVIE
...Contrived 'Torque' overheats 7  REVIEWS, MOVIE
...'Monster' haunts audiences 8  REVIEWS, MOVIE
10/09/2003'School' rocks, makes the grade 7  REVIEWS, MOVIE
...Washington in wrong role in this 'Time' 8  REVIEWS, MOVIE
01/29/2004Hackneyed 'Hamilton' a tad dull 6  REVIEWS, MOVIE
...'Effect' fails to earn its cinematic wings 6  REVIEWS, MOVIE
02/05/2004Ambiguous 'Elephant' leaves atrocities open 6  REVIEWS, MOVIE
...Borderline 'Score' held back 7  REVIEWS, MOVIE
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