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01/31/1991OMNIBUS: Alice 7  REVIEWS, FILM
01/25/2002Bad cops fail to serve in 'Super Troopers' 5  REVIEWS, FILM
10/22/1998Sappy Story Of 'Mighty' Loses Power 8  REVIEWS, FILM
08/31/1995Desperado, Dangerous Minds 6  REVIEWS, FILM
09/23/1999LL Cool J Knocks Out New Movie 7  REVIEWS, FILM
06/02/1994'Flintstones' Merely Rehashes Cartoon Antics 7  REVIEWS, FILM
08/30/2001Curse of the Jade Scorpion; Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Ghosts Of Mars 8  REVIEWS, FILM
03/21/1991OMNIBUS: He Said, She Said 6  REVIEWS, FILM
01/27/1994Tombstone; Time Indefinite; Intersection 7  REVIEWS, FILM
07/27/1995Clueless 8  REVIEWS, FILM
03/08/2001See Spot Run 7  REVIEWS, FILM
04/27/2000U571; Love and Basketball, Gossip 7  REVIEWS, FILM
11/21/1991OMNIBUS: Cape Fear, The Rapture 8  REVIEWS, FILM
10/11/1990OMNIBUS: Fantasia 7  REVIEWS, FILM
10/14/1993Film loses drama of war battle 7  REVIEWS, FILM
01/16/1997Turbulence 8  REVIEWS, FILM
09/18/1997The Game 7  REVIEWS, FILM
11/02/1995A Month by the Lake 7  REVIEWS, FILM
09/25/1997In & Out 7  REVIEWS, FILM
07/10/1997Disney scores hit with 'Hercules' 4  REVIEWS, FILM
02/03/1994Blink; A Dangerous Woman; The Accompanist 7  REVIEWS, FILM
03/29/2000High Fidelity 3  REVIEWS, FILM
02/22/1990OMNIBUS: Hard to Kill 7  REVIEWS, FILM
03/04/1999200 Cigarettes, The Other Sister 6  REVIEWS, FILM
05/04/2000Terrorist, The 8  REVIEWS, FILM
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