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09/21/1993Bob Dylan and Santana 5  REVIEWS, CONCERT
11/09/1989Raitt mates funk (Bonnie Raitt) 6  REVIEWS, CONCERT
01/23/1992OMNIBUS: Winans, Red Clay Ramblers 4  REVIEWS, CONCERT
05/18/1992Clapton at Smith Center 7  REVIEWS, CONCERT
04/14/1994Billy Joel 9A  REVIEWS, CONCERT
04/07/1994Bitter Sons and Archers of the Loaf 8  REVIEWS, CONCERT
03/03/1994Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masekela 2  REVIEWS, CONCERT
02/23/1993George Winston's winter concert warms audience 2  REVIEWS, CONCERT
10/11/1990OMNIBUS: Slovak Chamber Orchestra 7  REVIEWS, CONCERT
03/19/1992OMINBUS: Marsalis brings magic to Memorial Hall 5  REVIEWS, CONCERT
11/20/1997BSM Gospel Choir 7  REVIEWS, CONCERT
08/30/1999R.E.M. Show Seizes Moment 6  REVIEWS, CONCERT
04/19/1994Tar Heel Voices 2  REVIEWS, CONCERT
04/30/1998Loreleis close sentimental curtain with dynamic musical display 8  REVIEWS, CONCERT
11/24/1997Soprano's vocal perfection creates memorable concert 4  REVIEWS, CONCERT
01/20/1994Dead Milkman [Cat's Cradle] 6  REVIEWS, CONCERT
10/29/1992OMNIBUS: Dillon Fence; Buckewheat Zydeco at Cat's Cradle 4  REVIEWS, CONCERT
11/10/1989Bob Dylan concert encouraging but. . . 5  REVIEWS, CONCERT
07/26/1990Paul McCartney 6  REVIEWS, CONCERT
02/12/1991Paul Simon in SAC 6  REVIEWS, CONCERT
08/29/1991OMNIBUS: Lollapalooza tour 5  REVIEWS, CONCERT
11/13/1995R.E.M. 2  REVIEWS, CONCERT
10/03/1991OMNIBUS: Accept Jesus Jones ... 5  REVIEWS, CONCERT
11/09/1989OMNIBUS: Rock's sons of the South 5  REVIEWS, CONCERT
10/22/1998Janet's Show Proves Critics Wrong 7  REVIEWS, CONCERT
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