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09/07/1995Virtually Normal 9  REVIEWS, BOOK
09/26/1996Feet of Clay 10  REVIEWS, BOOK
09/07/1989A visitation of Spirits 5  REVIEWS, BOOK
11/12/1992OMNIBUS: Douglas Adams (Mostly Harmless) 8  REVIEWS, BOOK
01/12/1995"Paradise Overdose" Brian Antoni 6  REVIEWS, BOOK
10/10/1996Great Books 9  REVIEWS, BOOK
09/03/1992"Company Man" by Brent Wade 10  REVIEWS, BOOK
02/08/1996Tooth Imprints on a Corn Dog 7  REVIEWS, BOOK
11/13/1997Ethan Hawke tries his hand writing novel 6  REVIEWS, BOOK
09/29/1989Oldest Living Confederate Tells All 6  REVIEWS, BOOK
11/19/1992OMNIBUS: Rice [Tale of the Body Thief] 8  REVIEWS, BOOK
03/04/1993Omnibus: The Children of Men (P.D. James) 8  REVIEWS, BOOK
11/05/1992OMNIBUS: Madonna [Sex] 8  REVIEWS, BOOK
10/22/1992OMNIBUS: "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt 19  REVIEWS, BOOK
10/15/1992"Waiting to Exhale" by Terry McMillan 8  REVIEWS, BOOK
10/01/1992OMNIBUS: Sex, Art & American Culture 10  REVIEWS, BOOK
01/12/1995"The Waterworks" E.L. Doctorow 6  REVIEWS, BOOK
11/20/2003Old School 9  REVIEWS, BOOK
03/01/2004Frustrating 'Goat' mixes self-pity, promotion 4  REVIEWS, BOOK
06/10/2004Anecdotal Sedaris turns his sardonic gaze inward 7  REVIEWS, BOOK
09/10/2004In the shadow of comix: The introspective strip 4  REVIEWS, BOOK
09/27/2004Justice's legacy looms large 4  REVIEWS, BOOK
10/07/2004Kinsella's department store lit a breezy treat 9  REVIEWS, BOOK
10/08/2004Dueling pundits offer wisdom to America's youth 7  REVIEWS, BOOK
11/05/2004Lethem's vibrancy enlivens 'Cartoons' 7  REVIEWS, BOOK
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