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08/21/2001Basketball ticket paln aims to curb cheating 3a  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
09/04/2002Group Opposes Restaurant Growth 3  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
08/29/2001Family adds spice to Franklin St. [DiBartolo restaurants] 3  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
05/31/2001Downtown eateries to open soon 1  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
02/10/1999Developer Dunks Deal With Jordan 5  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
01/13/2003Spice Street brings new taste to University Mall 4  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
03/03/1993SEAC rates eco-friendliness of Chapel Hill... 1  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
03/04/1993Restaurants to consider results of SEAC's 3  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
11/09/1995Finding Perfect Place to Eat Proves Challenging to Gourmads 3  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
03/16/1993SEAC plan left out one eco-friendly...(letter) 8  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
10/29/1998Developer Continues Plans For Michael Jordan Eatery 3  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
04/21/1993Eateries to donate Earth Day profits 3  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
11/17/2003Editorial: Eating for two 7  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
05/01/1970Restaurants Insufficient, Wheeler Study Shows 1  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
06/25/2004Scene rich with legendary spots 16  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
...Town hosts bevy of elegant restaurants 17  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
...Area features frugal eateries 17  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
...Go vegetarian with green cuisine 18  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
09/01/2004Alcohol might be sold outdoors 2  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
09/03/2004Editorial: Expensive inaction 10  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
09/08/2004Sale of alcohol OK'd by council 3  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
09/13/2004Eateries delight in alcohol laws 3  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
11/30/2004New wings eatery to launch next week 7  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
03/23/1968Cartoon: I am the Chapel Hill Restaurant Owner! 2  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
03/26/1968Cartoon: "I am the owner of the typical crumby little Chapel Hill Cafe." 2  RESTAURANTS, CHAPEL HILL
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