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09/25/1997Police: no suspect yet in armed robbery 1  ALDERMAN RESIDENCE HALL
09/01/1995Candle may have caused A.M. blaze in Carmichael 1  CARMICHAEL RESIDENCE HALL
03/22/1999Graffiti in Carmichael Residence Hall Targets 'Fags' 3  CARMICHAEL RESIDENCE HALL
09/15/2003Theme houses offer diversity 3  CARMICHAEL RESIDENCE HALL
06/10/1999First-Year Initiative Prepares for Fall Class 1  EHRINGHAUS RESIDENCE HALL
04/24/1970Ehringhaus A Blue Halts Rally; Beats Ehringhaus C 5  EHRINGHAUS RESIDENCE HALL
05/09/1963Graduation Guests Get Free Rooms 1  EHRINGHAUS RESIDENCE HALL
09/18/19629,600 Students Anticipated as UNC Enters 169th Year; 2 New Dorms Aid Housing 1  EHRINGHAUS RESIDENCE HALL
...Craige And Ehringhaus To Accommodate 1,423 7  EHRINGHAUS RESIDENCE HALL
09/15/1997Water pipe bursts, some lounges flooded 1  FLOODING, RESIDENCE HALL
09/07/2010Avery resisdents return to dormitory after flooding 1  FLOODING, RESIDENCE HALL
11/13/2012Granville repairs take longer than expected 1  FLOODING, RESIDENCE HALL
08/22/2000Residence Halls Get Touch-Ups 11a  RESIDENCE HALL
10/14/1997Editorial: Don't hold the door 14  RESIDENCE HALL
09/15/1997Water pipe bursts, some lounges flooded 1  RESIDENCE HALL
09/16/1997Officials: housing crunch likely to last all semester 1  RESIDENCE HALL
09/17/1968Tight Money Felt In UNC Housing 2  RESIDENCE HALL
...Later Closing Hours For Women Highlight Newly Adopted Rules 6  RESIDENCE HALL
08/19/2008Residence hall renovations now on hold 8  RESIDENCE HALL
08/16/2008Chispa celebrates Carnaval 5  RESIDENCE HALL
09/05/2014Asbestos present in campus building 1  RESIDENCE HALL
04/08/2015Suite-style dorm on hold 1  RESIDENCE HALL
02/08/1995Residence Hall association candidate platforms 10  RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION (RHA)
11/05/2003Drive lets rivals duke it out 4  RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION (RHA)
09/23/2003Organizations spur voter drive 6  RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION (RHA)
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