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03/02/1973Students to lose grants/funds slashed 3  RESEARCH FUNDS
07/10/2003Alumni donate $5M to UNC genetics research 3  RESEARCH FUNDS
01/27/2004UNC to receive $2M in funding 3  RESEARCH FUNDS
03/05/2004Research key to economic growth 3  RESEARCH FUNDS
04/22/2004Report tracks research funds 5  RESEARCH FUNDS
10/01/2004Campus aims to capitalize on research cash 1  RESEARCH FUNDS
04/11/2011Efficiency projects hit roadblocks 6  RESEARCH FUNDS
08/30/2011University researcher will study breast cancer causes 3  RESEARCH FUNDS
11/22/2011Federal research funds at risk 1  RESEARCH FUNDS
01/11/2011UNC gets grant from NFL to study concussions 6  RESEARCH FUNDS
09/15/2010Funding grows during economic troubles 1  RESEARCH FUNDS
06/17/2010UNC partners with Olympus 8  RESEARCH FUNDS
11/09/2009Endowed programs in trouble 1  RESEARCH FUNDS
08/29/2012Funding Yields a Higher Profile 1  RESEARCH FUNDS
09/10/2012Research funding a priority for UNC 3  RESEARCH FUNDS
10/01/2012Budget cuts spare research funding 3  RESEARCH FUNDS
11/30/2012Potential fiscal crisi threatens research funds 1  RESEARCH FUNDS
02/26/2013Colleges will lobby to prevent budget cuts 1  RESEARCH FUNDS
04/08/2013Resolution restricts political research 1  RESEARCH FUNDS
10/30/2013Patents still pending 1  RESEARCH FUNDS
02/04/2009UNC outpost to study ecology of Galapagos 6  RESEARCH FUNDS
05/29/2014Research centers might see big cuts 1  RESEARCH FUNDS
04/13/2009UNC chasing grant money 1  RESEARCH FUNDS
08/22/2014Research centers fight to avoid more budget cuts 1  RESEARCH FUNDS
09/26/2014UNC sees $15M more in research 1  RESEARCH FUNDS