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09/10/1997UNC researchers to study drinking vices of students 1  ALCOHOL RESEARCH, UNC
10/09/2003Findings of study sobering 2  ALCOHOL RESEARCH, UNC
11/11/2004Study: cells might grow back 2  ALCOHOL RESEARCH, UNC
11/10/2010Team studies 'tipsy gene' - alcholism less likely in carriers 3  ALCOHOL RESEARCH, UNC
11/07/1989Animal research facts available(letter) 10  ANIMAL RESEARCH, UNC
01/24/1990Focus:Ethics in experimentation(charts) 5  ANIMAL RESEARCH, UNC
12/01/1989Journal articles show reserach(letter) 8  ANIMAL RESEARCH, UNC
...Pro-research group formed 3  ANIMAL RESEARCH, UNC
11/29/1989Court date set for group's law suit 1  ANIMAL RESEARCH, UNC
01/30/1990Animals not always necessary(letter) 12  ANIMAL RESEARCH, UNC
02/05/1990Op.Ed: Use of lab animals vital... 11  ANIMAL RESEARCH, UNC
01/16/1990Editorial: Mice, money, and mosques 12  ANIMAL RESEARCH, UNC
04/08/2010Research facility to use grant to expand 1  ANIMAL RESEARCH, UNC
02/06/2012New study may lead to male birth control 4  ANIMAL RESEARCH, UNC
02/24/2010UNC to review research facilty 1  ANIMAL RESEARCH, UNC
11/13/2012County: UNC facility needs no permit 7  ANIMAL RESEARCH, UNC
03/19/2013Ed: Silence on vivisection 10  ANIMAL RESEARCH, UNC
02/23/2001$245 million to fund genomic work at UNC 1  GENOMICS RESEARCH, UNC
07/10/2003Alumni donate $5M to UNC genetics research 3  GENOMICS RESEARCH, UNC
06/17/2010UNC partners with Olympus 8  GENOMICS RESEARCH, UNC
03/03/2010Researchers see signs of heart disease in children 3  GENOMICS RESEARCH, UNC
09/05/2001UNC professor to lead mammography study 3  RESEARCH, UNC
04/19/2002PETA video spurs UNC lab inquiry 1  RESEARCH, UNC
01/26/2001UNC experiment yields liquid DNA 2  RESEARCH, UNC
04/30/2002The boundaries of research 1  RESEARCH, UNC
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