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12/02/2003Artifacts to find fixed home 3  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
09/30/2003Problems Plague North Campus halls 1  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
02/12/2004Editorial: Shining addition 12  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
09/13/2004Government school expands 1  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
09/23/2004Questions abound in plans to close, renovate Morrison (letter) 12  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
10/07/2004Tar heels seek slab of history 3  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
12/06/2004Grants aid renovations 5  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
09/19/2011Battle Hall renovations wrap up 8  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
09/15/2011Wilson Library to undergo mass sprinkler installation 1  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
09/09/2010Davis roof undergoes rebuilding 1  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
04/06/2010Gym closing crowds the sidelines 3  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
02/07/2012Fall revamp planned for 2 dorms 4  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
02/19/2010Renovations fall along with construction 3  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
04/20/2012Renovations delayed too long 1  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
12/14/1929Extensive improvements will be made on Peabody Building; To remodel interior of hall 1  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
09/18/1963Buildings To Cost 19 Million Dollars 11  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
01/24/2013Plan could speed along UNC campus renovations 1  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
02/25/2013Fetzer Hall may be repaired with solar roof 1  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
12/12/1963Those sweatbox days are nearly over as Woollen Gym is starting to grow 1  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
11/07/20072 Carroll projects under way 9  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
11/16/2007Gerrard reopens after renovations 1  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
08/19/2008Residence hall renovations now on hold 8  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS
02/23/2015Jackson Hall upfit totals $200K 1  RENOVATIONS, UNC BUILDINGS