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03/03/1982Funding. . .groups unconstitutional 1  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
03/16/1982CGC passes bill preventing funding 1  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
02/26/1982Editorial: Church & state (funding) 4  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
03/20/1985UNC chaplains work for unity on campus 4  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
09/22/1982Faith reinforced in 'party town' 4  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
03/20/1985Society's acceptance of female clergy. . . 4  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
11/04/1985Catholic prayer group. . .charismatic 5  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
02/26/1971Religion on campus: growing or fading? 3  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
02/07/1989FOCUS: A course of agnosticism 5  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
01/22/1982UNC policy unaffected by Court. . . 1  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
09/22/1982Rev. Graham's evangelistic lectures. . . 4  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
09/24/1985Religious trend seen at UNC (chart) 1  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
02/02/1982Op.Ed: Court must limit. . . 4  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
09/03/1981Christian groups: Increased activity 10  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
03/20/1985Students work on social missions. . . 4  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
01/12/1983Editorial: Star wars 8a  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
02/26/1971. . .Chaplains face challenge in change 3  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
08/31/1984UNC Christian groups differ 1  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
04/27/1982Editorial: Definition failure 4  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
02/26/1971Christians, mystics spreading good news 3  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
02/07/1989FOCUS: College & faith: charting. . . 5  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
06/27/1991Religious activities. . .varied, participation 12b  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
04/27/1983Maranatha Ministries. . .controversy 1  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
03/20/1985Missionary group provides treatment 4  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
03/03/1988Fundamentlist beliefs too rigid 1  RELIGION ON CAMPUS
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