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12/10/1938New record is set for early registration 1  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
12/11/1938Enrollment for winter quarter hits 1,500 mark 1  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
09/01/19383,298 students registered; all Carolina broken - co-3d enrollment to reach 400 woithin next six days 1  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
09/22/1938Few students to be readmitted 1  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
01/07/1930Officials expect larger registration for winter 1  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
09/23/19161137 registered is official count 1  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
09/24/1914Registration -- Large number of men returned to college 4  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
10/10/1941Registration Figures Smash Carolina Enrollment Records 1  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
12/02/1941Unique Registration Plan Instituted by Griffin 1  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
12/03/1941Griffin Completes Plans For Unique Registration 1  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
03/28/1942Registration Reaches 3,439; Official Estimations Bested 1  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
04/04/1942Registration Drop Of 59 Disclosed In Spring Tally 1  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
01/09/2008Faculty Council oks priority registration 2  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
07/14/1942Registration For Next Turn Begins Friday 1  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
10/01/1942Total registry cracks 3,317 on last count 1  REGISTRATION,HISTORY
09/24/1942Safety council to order cars off campus for police violations, failure to register 1  VEHICLE REGISTRATION, HISTORY