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09/13/1960Car Regulations Tighten To Meet Heavier Traffic 1  CAR REGISTRATION, UNC
09/16/1960University Makes Changes In Quality Point System, Student Auto Regulations: $2 Million Housing Project Built Near Victory Village 1  CAR REGISTRATION, UNC
10/05/1968Policy On Eligibility Clarified 1  CAR REGISTRATION, UNC
01/07/1999Funds Approved for 72 New Registration Lines 3  REGISTRATION, UNC
04/08/2002Registering problems identified 3  REGISTRATION, UNC
01/31/2000Proposal aims to revamp undergrad registration 1  REGISTRATION, UNC
09/17/19383,298 Students Registered; All Carolina Records Broken 1  REGISTRATION, UNC
04/16/2010Disconnect Carolina 1  REGISTRATION, UNC
04/13/2010Course sign-up has few issues 3  REGISTRATION, UNC
12/10/1938New record is set for early registration 1  REGISTRATION, UNC
09/01/19383,298 students registered; all Carolina broken - co-3d enrollment to reach 400 woithin next six days 1  REGISTRATION, UNC
09/22/1938Few students to be readmitted 1  REGISTRATION, UNC
03/02/2010Ed: Old faithful, departing 10  REGISTRATION, UNC
01/07/1930Officials expect larger registration for winter 1  REGISTRATION, UNC
09/23/19161137 registered is official count 1  REGISTRATION, UNC
09/24/1914Registration -- Large number of men returned to college 4  REGISTRATION, UNC
12/13/1963Referendum registration starts Dec. 21 1  REGISTRATION, UNC
12/03/1941Griffin Completes Plans For Unique Registration 1  REGISTRATION, UNC
04/04/1942Registration Drop Of 59 Disclosed In Spring Tally 1  REGISTRATION, UNC
10/29/2013ConnectCarolina rolls out registration tool 4  REGISTRATION, UNC
11/13/2007Ed: Special treatment 10  REGISTRATION, UNC
12/04/2013Ed: Just a little more time 14  REGISTRATION, UNC
01/14/2009Class sign-up days to change 1  REGISTRATION, UNC
01/20/2009Ed: Bring weekends back 8  REGISTRATION, UNC
04/03/2009Ed: Registration woes 10  REGISTRATION, UNC
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