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11/12/1991Vehicle registration hike would benefit 1  AUTOMOBILES (REGISTRATION)
09/16/1960University Makes Changes In Quality Point System, Student Auto Regulations: $2 Million Housing Project Built Near Victory Village 1  AUTOMOBILES (REGISTRATION)
01/21/1930Police will arrest towns people using out-of-state tags 1  AUTOMOBILES (REGISTRATION)
09/24/1942Safety council to order cars off campus for police violations, failure to register 1  AUTOMOBILES (REGISTRATION)
03/28/1991Mandatory bike registration considered 1  BICYCLE REGISTRATION
04/16/1991Hardin...voluntary bike registration 3  BICYCLE REGISTRATION
08/20/2012Bicycles shared on South Campus 11  BICYCLE REGISTRATION
10/01/2012Ed: Bike policy is a hassle 5  BICYCLE REGISTRATION
11/19/1993Ode to everyone's favorite phone registration system (letter) 10  CAROLINE REGISTRATION
11/04/1997Caroline system evokes frustration from students 5  CAROLINE REGISTRATION
11/17/1993Editorial: A friendlier Caroline 8  CAROLINE REGISTRATION
08/21/1995New system might ease those registration woes 2B  CAROLINE REGISTRATION
02/11/1980Women and the draft 1  DRAFT REGISTRATION
02/27/1976Draft is issue of ERA forum 1  DRAFT REGISTRATION
01/17/1991Mobilization on draft unlikely (letter) 8  DRAFT REGISTRATION
09/22/1971Student draft deferments ended 4  DRAFT REGISTRATION
02/07/1980Vigil opposes registration 1  DRAFT REGISTRATION
01/29/1991Societies debate moral of draft 3  DRAFT REGISTRATION
07/09/1981Court decision on. . .receives mixed. . . 1  DRAFT REGISTRATION
11/01/1972Seeking advice on the draft? 1  DRAFT REGISTRATION
07/24/1980Editorial: Worth the trouble? 10  DRAFT REGISTRATION
01/25/1980Will you go if. . .maybe so 1  DRAFT REGISTRATION
10/08/1971No. 125 is ceiling for draft 7  DRAFT REGISTRATION
03/26/1980Enlistments up despite protests 1  DRAFT REGISTRATION
09/08/1971Draft law for students confusing 2  DRAFT REGISTRATION
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