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04/07/1992Suspect at large in Chapel Hill rape case 1  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
03/01/2004CHHS student reports assault 3  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
03/15/20042 juveniles face rape charges 3  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
06/24/2004Police arrest suspect in attempted rape case 3  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
07/01/2004Investigation ongoing in alleged rape case 3  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
10/29/2004Forcible rape reported off Pritchard Ave. extension 3  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
11/03/2004Resident of Bolinwood Drive raped by boyfriend 3  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
11/23/2004Durham man charged with first-degree rape Sunday 3  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
08/31/2010First six weeks of school are rape 'red zone' 7  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
04/14/2010Warrant details rape allegation 1  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
04/13/2010Stagehand charged with rape 1  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
02/15/2012Search for assailants stops 1  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
02/14/2012Lack of rape alerts draws complaints 1  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
10/12/2012Arrested for rape 15 years later 1  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
12/05/2012Victims speak up on assault 1  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
02/26/2013Gambill to face Honor Court 1  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
02/13/1963Junior Edge is arrested on attempted rape charge 1  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
01/23/2014Obama announces assault task force 1  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
04/14/2014College rape cases hard to presecute 1  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
11/25/2014Rape still ignored by law enforcement 1  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL
04/09/2015Ed: Tar Heel, beware 10  RAPE, CHAPEL HILL