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11/08/1974Op.Ed: Equality & institutional racism 6  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
01/29/1991Investigation may affect fed funding 1  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
02/14/199119 employees allege racial sexual bias 1  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
01/28/1991Federal agency investigates University 1  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
02/10/2004Johnson appeals demotion 2  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
03/02/2004Officer denied former station 3  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
08/24/20042 ex-CHPD officers file discrimination lawsuit 9  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
09/16/2004Town has regressed by not hiring black police leaders (letter) 10  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
09/17/2004Hiring process should rely on qualifications, not race (letter) 10  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
01/09/2012Suspect arraigned in Ashley Forest shooting 3  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
02/29/2012UNC's non-discrimination policy still under review 3  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
02/14/1963Ed: No Qualified Negroes? -Dolphus Knows Better 2  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
03/03/1963Ed: Court & free assembly 2  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
09/27/2012Police accused of racial profiling 1  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
03/06/2013Ed: Driving discrimination 6  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
12/05/1963CORE Says 26 Places Discriminate 1  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
...Race Problem Is Discussion Tonite On WUNC Radio 1  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
12/18/1963CORE Hopes Chapel Hill To Be First In The State 1  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
...Letter: Boycott Asked 2  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
...Ed: Do-Nothing Leaders & Demonstrations 2  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
...Protest Sends 32 To Jail 3  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
...New Year Brings Race Violence To Chapel Hill 7  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
01/10/1964CORE Leader James Farmer Here Sunday 1  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
01/12/1964DTH Survey Shows Unequal Service At 25% Of 116 Places 1  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
02/18/1964Long-Range Plan Offered To Erase Discrimination 1  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
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