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11/06/2001Officials rturn from Qatar 2  QATAR & UNC
12/05/2001Qatar seminar meets to hear presentation 1  QATAR & UNC
11/12/2001Op.Ed: Qatar proposal--professor says it's not about money 11  QATAR & UNC
12/05/2001Global relations a factor in Qatar campus 1  QATAR & UNC
11/20/2001Faculty member foresees admissions problems for satellite school in Qatar [Letter] 6  QATAR & UNC
11/09/2001Editorial: Money Maker . . . Qatar campus 10  QATAR & UNC
11/27/2001Before international perspective comes voices from home [Editorial] 8  QATAR & UNC
11/05/2001Faculty's views vary on Qatar [business school] 1  QATAR & UNC
11/16/2001UNC not only school Qatar has courted for satellite campus 1  QATAR & UNC
11/09/2001Editorial: . . . Or Foreign entanglement? Qatar campus 10  QATAR & UNC
11/16/2001Qatar proposal looks like administration is auctioning off UNC [Letter] 8  QATAR & UNC
...E-mail survey shows faculty split over Qatari campus 1  QATAR & UNC
11/12/2001Op.Ed: Chancellor invites input on Qatar 11  QATAR & UNC
11/26/2001Officials: Qatar, Mexico programs won't overlap 3  QATAR & UNC
11/20/2001Seminar to advise next year 1  QATAR & UNC
12/06/2001Officials confident Qatar won't cost university 1  QATAR & UNC
11/12/2001Op.Ed: Student input and awareness of Qatar proposal is integral 11  QATAR & UNC
11/07/2001Officials voice support for Qatar program 3  QATAR & UNC
11/30/2001Student government names participants in seminar on Qatar 1  QATAR & UNC
11/12/2001Op.Ed: The University and Qatar-wrong time and place 11  QATAR & UNC
03/25/2013Qatar delegates visit UNC 5  QATAR & UNC