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10/16/2000BOG Approves Finance Chief, Provost 1  PROVOST UNC-CH
05/29/2003Provost OKs academic plan 1  PROVOST UNC-CH
...Provost OKs academic plan 1  PROVOST UNC-CH
09/29/2011Provost cabinet expands to five 10  PROVOST UNC-CH
10/11/2013Column: The Friday Interview 8  PROVOST UNC-CH
10/25/2013Catching up with Carney 1  PROVOST UNC-CH
02/01/2001Provost shelton faces full 1st day 1  PROVOST, UNC
12/06/1991List of provost candidates narrowed 3  PROVOST, UNC
06/04/1992McCormick ready for challenges as he moves. . . 1  PROVOST, UNC
06/22/1995Ed: Sorry to see him go 14a  PROVOST, UNC
04/14/1999Committee to Start Search for New Provost 1  PROVOST, UNC
01/30/2001Interim Provost to retire but stay at UNC 3  PROVOST, UNC
06/15/1995McCormick heading for Seattle 1  PROVOST, UNC
04/30/2002UNC task force tries to prioritize academic goals 3  PROVOST, UNC
04/06/1999Brooks to Take Reins While Provost Heals 1  PROVOST, UNC
05/29/2003Provost OKs academic plan 1  PROVOST, UNC
...Provost OKs academic plan 1  PROVOST, UNC
07/10/2003Provost reveals prospective dean 1  PROVOST, UNC
09/13/1966C. Hugh Holman Appointed To New Post Of Provost 3  PROVOST, UNC
03/26/2010Trustees approve Carney's appointment as provost 3  PROVOST, UNC
03/17/2010UNC leaders say search didn't fail 1  PROVOST, UNC
01/09/2013Search for provost replacement starts again 6  PROVOST, UNC
03/01/2013Provost requests audit of classes 1  PROVOST, UNC
04/19/2013Focus shifts to provost search 1  PROVOST, UNC
05/30/2013Folt taps insider for provost 1  PROVOST, UNC
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