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03/15/2004Provost's office to promote Allred 1  PROVOST, EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATE
03/17/2010UNC leaders say search didn't fail 1  PROVOST, EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATE
03/15/2010Carney moves from interim to provost 1  PROVOST, EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATE
04/17/2003Palm tapped as LSU provost 1  LSU, PROVOST
03/30/1995Groups lobby for chase space 1  MCCORMICK, PROVOST RICHARD
10/31/1994University administrators return after evaluating LSU 1  MCCORMICK, PROVOST RICHARD
11/29/1988Chancellor Hardin alters position 5  PROVOST
03/16/1992Rutgers dean gets provost job 1  PROVOST
09/20/1990Provost responds favorably to GSU 1  PROVOST
12/04/1989Cell has shown ability (O'Connor letter) 8  PROVOST
09/18/1984Williamson replaces Morrow as provost 3  PROVOST
04/15/1991O'Connor ranked in top 3 for Pitt U job 1  PROVOST
07/19/1990Official says UNC is struggling 1  PROVOST
11/14/1988BOG approves O'Connor 1  PROVOST
02/05/1987Keeping the cutting edge. . . 1  PROVOST
02/29/1984UNC provost to step down 3  PROVOST
10/02/2000Shelton Expresses Opinions on Visit to UNC Campus 1  PROVOST
09/03/1992Provost, students support further debate on. . . 1  PROVOST
11/03/1992Provost: BCC group may consider poll results 1  PROVOST
03/17/1992New provost accustomed to budgetary difficulties 3  PROVOST
04/12/1993McCormick: Next in line for chancellorship? 1  PROVOST
06/23/1988O'Connor appointed to acting position 3  PROVOST
02/26/1996Provost to Stay as Part of Hooker Shake-Up 2  PROVOST
11/03/1970Morrow Incorrect In Anderson Case 6  PROVOST
03/15/1988UNC provost up for U. of South post 1  PROVOST
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