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11/29/2001Protesters stage walk out during speech 1  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
09/08/2003Protesters blast Patriot Ace 1  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
01/15/2004Letter: Other people affected by protest are being ignored 10  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
...Letter: UNC damages reputation by prosecuting protester 10  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
01/06/2004300 protesters invade Franklin Street 3  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
01/12/2004University should drop all charges against protesters (letter) 10  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
01/13/2004Editorial: Facing the music 10  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
...Protesters embodied values inherent to the University (letter) 10  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
...University should prosecute trespassing war protesters (letter) 10  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
02/19/1970Rally, March Slated In Chicago 7 Protest 1  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
05/06/1970Bello Condemns Violence: Working To Keep Peace 1  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
11/02/1968Visitation March Aimed At Sitterson Says SSOC 1  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
12/10/1968Why Aren't These Men Smiling? 1  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
02/28/1969South Campus Men Protest 1  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
03/05/1969Police Close Lenoir Following Disturbance 1  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
02/16/1968Black Students Stage Protest March 1  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
02/17/1968Blacks Hold 2nd March 1  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
02/18/1968Editorial: Of Marching Lines-And Battle Lines 2  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
04/01/2011Students to aid in sit-out 3  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
11/15/2011Town reacts to Occupy raid, parade and protests 1  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
01/12/2012Students to keep up protest effort 1  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
01/25/2012Town to tighten up on future Occupy efforts 1  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
01/26/2012Students prepare to protest tuition with a movie screening 11  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
10/27/1962Demonstrators burn Fidel, shou anti-Cuban protests 1  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
04/09/2012Local Occupy group shrinks 3  PROTESTS, UNC-CH
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