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03/15/1961Chapel Hill's Picketing Laws: A Perversion Of The True Law 2  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
04/06/1961Injustice Injures Pickets 2  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
11/19/1968Street Protesters Will Stand Trial 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
11/20/1968Court Finds 5 Guilty 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
10/27/2004Ralliers march for peace, awareness 3  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
12/01/1961Integration Meeting Calls Off Picketing At Varsity Theater: Committee To Wait For Further Action 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
02/17/1968Blacks Hold 2nd March 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
09/23/2011Editorial: Quiet down on Silent Sam 8  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
10/14/2011Gay marriage family focus 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
11/30/2011Chepel Hill embraces history of activism 7  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
04/26/2010Ed: Don't disrupt speech 8  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
04/27/2010Tancredo returns 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
03/25/2010Student arrested during protest 3  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
01/25/2012Town to tighten up on future Occupy efforts 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
01/30/2012Out against ordinance 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
02/09/2012Campus groups protesting on principle 3  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
02/14/2012Protests will need permits in plaza 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
03/29/2012A silent march for justice 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
12/11/1962Womens Peace Gp. will picket HUAC 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
04/20/2012Festival campaigns against Amendment One 11  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
12/15/1962Allen raps student desplay against athletic director 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
04/06/1963NAACP To Picket Hospital As Health Building Dedicated 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
04/07/1963NAACP Says Demonstration Seeks Support, Not Boycott 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
10/15/2012Protestors speak out against 'farce' 3  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
04/15/1963Boycott effect on cafe still not certain 1  PROTESTS, CHAPEL HILL
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