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10/14/2002Protesters Rally Against War 3  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
01/09/2004Protester appeals court decision 1  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
09/05/2003Anti-war group restarts protests 3  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
01/06/2004300 protesters invade Franklin Street 3  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
01/12/2004University should drop all charges against protesters (letter) 10  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
01/13/2004Editorial: Facing the music 10  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
...Protesters embodied values inherent to the University (letter) 10  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
...University should prosecute trespassing war protesters (letter) 10  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
01/14/2004Protest was effort to gain elusive media coverage (letter) 8  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
01/16/2004UNC should applaud Smith Center protesters' freedom (letter) 8  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
04/03/1970Ochs, Paxton, Hardin Highlight Anti-War Festival 1  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
05/07/1970Professors Grant Amnesty Number May Reach Hundreds 1  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
...3000 March By Night To Sitterson's, Friday's 1  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
...Bello: 'Today We Begin To Live The Dream' 1  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
...Faculty Must Join In Strike 2  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
05/08/1970Striking Students Have Choice For Final Grades 1  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
...YRC Says UNC Strike 'Meaningless' 1  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
...Moreheads Sign Petition 1  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
05/09/19708,000 Students Rally At State Capitol Scott Fails To Rescind Support of Nixon Policy 1  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
...Friday: UNC Acting Responsibly 1  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
10/29/2007Activists protest CIA detention program 4  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR
11/20/2007Ed: Off target 10  PROTESTS, ANTI-WAR