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10/16/1995Students, housekeepers protest privitization 1  HOUSEKEEPING STAFFS, PRIVATIZATION OF
02/26/1999Editorial: Perils of Privatization 10  HOUSEKEEPING STAFFS, PRIVATIZATION OF
10/19/1995Housekeepers worry as university investigates privitization 1  HOUSEKEEPING STAFFS, PRIVATIZATION OF
02/24/1999Colleges Consider Private Housekeepers 4  HOUSEKEEPING STAFFS, PRIVATIZATION OF
11/19/1996Employees need input in privatization debate 2  PRIVATIZATION
09/23/1996OP-ED: Suit part of University's discriminatory history 13  PRIVATIZATION
...OP-ED: Privatization could upset offers made in settlement 13  PRIVATIZATION
06/11/1998University still mulling over idea of privatization 4  PRIVATIZATION
09/23/1996OP-ED: Clean resolution or judicial mess? 13  PRIVATIZATION
09/13/1996Housekeepers' supports say privatization linked to racism 1  PRIVATIZATION
09/20/1996Not all UNC-sys. houskprs battling privatization, cond. 1  PRIVATIZATION
10/14/1996Privitization needs care, council says 2  PRIVATIZATION
09/25/1996Employees learn outsourcing details 3  PRIVATIZATION
02/19/1996Sweeping Change? 13  PRIVATIZATION
11/17/1995Coalition Protests Job Privitazation 1  PRIVATIZATION
09/17/1996OP-ED: Privitization plans will yield racial, sexual discrim. 8  PRIVATIZATION
09/23/1996OP-ED: Privatization study needs time, invites public input 13  PRIVATIZATION
09/26/1996Outsourcing team cuts study to three services 2  PRIVATIZATION
11/12/1996Panelist say privatization requires balancing act 2  PRIVATIZATION
08/29/1996Committee examining privitization 1  PRIVATIZATION
11/22/1995Chancellot Should Drop Thoughts of Privatization [letter] 6  PRIVATIZATION
09/15/2004Op.Ed: UVa. is losing right to claim support for Virginia's citizens 8  PRIVATIZATION
01/25/2011ABC store privatization possible 1  PRIVATIZATION
09/04/2008Ed: Perilous private care 12  PRIVATIZATION
02/08/1996UNC System Exploring Privatization Questions 1  PRIVATIZATION, UNC SYSTEM
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