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03/31/1995David Price to mediate professors' spring forum 3  PRICE, DAVID
11/05/1986Price elected to U.S. house 1  PRICE, DAVID
02/23/1993Price decries lost potential in N.C. students 3  PRICE, DAVID
04/16/1998Price unveils campus plan for childcare 1  PRICE, DAVID
11/11/1994Price will call for congress re-count 1  PRICE, DAVID
01/16/2003Price addresses economy, world tension in speech 3  PRICE, DAVID
11/16/1994Price calls for vote re-count 1  PRICE, DAVID
10/23/1992UNC alma mater to many N.C. politicians 1  PRICE, DAVID
08/27/1992Price addresses town residents. . . 3  PRICE, DAVID
09/07/1990Rep. Price kicks off re-election bid 3  PRICE, DAVID
04/20/1995Price speaks to students about federal deficit 3  PRICE, DAVID
11/09/1988Price defeats Fetzer 1  PRICE, DAVID
11/09/1994Price topplEditorial: former Raleigh police chief defeats incumbent David Price in congress race 1  PRICE, DAVID
03/23/1992Admits to eight bounced checks worth $23,402 1  PRICE, DAVID
09/09/1994Price leads class on information superhighway 2  PRICE, DAVID
10/23/2003Price lauds IFC for Homestart 3  PRICE, DAVID
11/05/2003Price's power comes quietly 3  PRICE, DAVID
02/24/2004Price tackles immigration plan 2  PRICE, DAVID
09/21/2004Odum Institute marks 80 years 1  PRICE, DAVID
09/28/2004Price bashes Bush, praises students 3  PRICE, DAVID
10/26/2004Education, party loyalty define Price's 8 terms 3  PRICE, DAVID
11/03/2004Price bulldozes path to 9th term 3  PRICE, DAVID
11/29/2010Research funding at risk 3  PRICE, DAVID
11/03/2010Price keeps U.S. House seat 1  PRICE, DAVID
11/16/2011Rep. David Price to speak to Chamber of Commerce 3  PRICE, DAVID
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