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04/11/1997Broad secures presidency after climb through ranks 1  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
04/22/1997Editorial: [Christmas in August] 14  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
07/24/1997Broad takes over system as Spangler says goodbye 3  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
09/25/1984President? Replacing Friday. . .tough 1  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
09/17/1974Porch for Friday (residence) $25,000 1  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
08/20/1997Unity, diversity give UNC system power 5  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
10/02/1984Editorial: Let the sun shine in? 6  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
04/28/20002 Years on Broadway 1  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
09/16/1996BOG names search committee for UNC head 1  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
10/24/1996Editorial: [Narrow focus] 14  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
04/30/1998Broad looks beyond horizon to future of UNC 1  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
11/22/1996System president search arrives at waiting phase 2  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
04/10/1997Board to vote on 1st female UNC-system president 1  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
11/11/1996System president should be 'God on a good day' funny 1  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
04/07/1997BOG unlikely to vote on leader at meeting 1  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
04/08/1997BOG could choose UNC-system president Thursday 1  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
12/03/1996New president needs competitive paycheck 3  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
01/07/1997Hooker named contender for Spangler's prized job 1  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
09/01/1999Broad Back From Trip To Mexico, Argentina 5  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
02/05/1986Spangler facing faculty criticism 1  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
08/18/1997BOG approves plan to give Broad plane 4B  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
04/02/1997BOG search for UNC president requires secrecy, officials claim 1  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
08/20/1997System tries to keep pace with technology 5  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
09/16/1985Wide search for Friday's successor 1  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
04/01/1997Committee keeps wraps on Spangler replacement 3  PRESIDENT, UNC SYSTEM
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