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01/15/2003No problems with police jurisdiction 1  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
04/04/1995Police chase down man suspected of cab rip-off 1  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
10/20/1992Police to open University Mall office 2  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
05/27/1993Town budget to include funds for two investigate police 1  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
02/21/1994Police to establish substation 3  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
01/08/2004Demoted officer awaits hearing 1  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
02/10/2004Johnson appeals demotion 2  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
02/14/1961Wanted: An Improvement In The Chapel Hill Police 2  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
08/24/20042 ex-CHPD officers file discrimination lawsuit 9  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
01/11/2012Ed: Liberty, safety and mistakes 10  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
03/12/2012Consulting firm to review police policies 1  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
09/12/2012Ed: Release files in homicide 8  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
09/27/2012Police accused of racial profiling 1  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
10/12/2012Arrested for rape 15 years later 1  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
...Chapel Hill police complaints on the rise 1  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
01/09/2013Police profile male suspect in homicide 1  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
02/18/1942Jarboe, Coat Suspect, Held By Local Police; Caught Red-Handed by Yeargan 1  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
10/31/2008Fewer police on Franklin tonight 1  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL
02/20/2014Town prepares for possibility of UNC win 1  POLICE, CHAPEL HILL