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03/17/1993PlayMakers echoes the controversies of UNC 2  PLAYMAKERS
11/21/1970Editorial: Playmakers Need Another. . . 4  PLAYMAKERS
09/19/1959Musical Play, 'Carousel', Slated Here 3  PLAYMAKERS
...Playmaker Tryouts Slated For Monday 3  PLAYMAKERS
10/09/1959Carolina Playmakers To Present Musical 'Carousel' Oct. 23-25 3  PLAYMAKERS
10/16/1959100 Performers, Technicians Required To Produce 'Carousel' 3  PLAYMAKERS
10/18/1959Dramatic Art Students Comprise Playmaker Productions' Nucleus 1  PLAYMAKERS
10/23/1959Carolina Playmakers Kick Off Season Tonight With 'Carousel' 1  PLAYMAKERS
10/29/1959Carousel: Too Many Parades 2  PLAYMAKERS
09/16/1969Experimental Theater Flavors Playmakers' Fare 5 - 1  PLAYMAKERS
10/23/1969Playmakers 'Apple Tree' Is Beautiful Smash Hit 3  PLAYMAKERS
12/15/1960Original One-Acts Presented 1  PLAYMAKERS
12/08/2009Privilege cards are not a scam; theater beneficial 8  PLAYMAKERS
...PlayMakers enhances the UNC learning experience 8  PLAYMAKERS
...Students not subsidizing PlayMakers with cards 8  PLAYMAKERS
12/07/2009Students should not have to subsidize Playmakers (letter) 6  PLAYMAKERS
02/18/2011Director sees a different side of PlayMakers 4  PLAYMAKERS
09/07/2011PlayMakers takes on clones in 'A Number' 4  PLAYMAKERS
03/04/2011'Angels' to close after successful run 6  PLAYMAKERS
02/22/2012PlayMakers program gives teens a chance to shine 7  PLAYMAKERS
10/25/1929Carolina Playmakers present three original plays 1  PLAYMAKERS
12/04/1962Duke psychologist plays lead in Playmaker Show 4  PLAYMAKERS
12/06/1962'Tobacco Road' set no fake; even dirt (1/2 ton) is real 1  PLAYMAKERS
12/08/1961The hicks click: 'Road' is a riot 1  PLAYMAKERS
12/03/1929Playmakers return from record Northern tour 1  PLAYMAKERS
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