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04/12/1973'Imagination' key to adaptive P.E. 1  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
03/22/1991UNC to suffer from firing (letter) 8  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
02/10/1999Physical Education Plays Vital Role . . . 14  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
03/27/1991Registration, fall P.E. . . .restricted 1  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
12/01/1972Jogging program begun by UNC PE prof 7  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
09/06/1983Dept. limits use of gym clothes 4  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
10/27/1967The Folly Of Phys. Ed. 2  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
09/18/1938New Health Program Caues Fee Increase 1  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
...Editorial: Renovated Hygiene 2  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
04/25/1896A step forward in athletics 1  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
03/28/1963PE Hour To Get Credit 1  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
04/15/1963More P.E. majors needed in Peace Corps 6  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
09/24/1941Phys Ed Rules Made More Stringent B7  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
...Coed Phys Ed Requirements Upped to Three-year Minimum C1  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
...R.A. Fetzer Urges Exercise In Time of National Crisis C1  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
06/11/1942Compulsory Phys Ed Program To Continue in Summer Term; Four Hours Per Week Required 4  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
01/24/1997Charting a new course 1  PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF
11/29/1995UNC Course Helps Area Students Get a Leg Up 2  PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF
10/28/1970Physical Ed Changing Under New Chairman 2  PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF
10/17/1979Editorial: Not here or anywhere (Mace) 8  PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF
02/11/1992P.E. department ranks among nation's best 3  PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF
08/26/1991P.E. removes restrictions, adds section 1  PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF
10/27/1967The Folly Of Phys. Ed. 2  PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF
09/18/1938New Health Program Caues Fee Increase 1  PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF
...Editorial: Renovated Hygiene 2  PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF
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