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11/17/1993Editorial: Phoenix rises again 8  PHOENIX, THE
09/10/1986Budget cuts will not effect Phoenix 1  PHOENIX, THE
09/19/1989Editor's complaints petty (letter) 10  PHOENIX, THE
04/21/1986Phoenix to publish less, tighten.. 1  PHOENIX, THE
02/16/1989Davis named editor of Phoneix weekly 4  PHOENIX, THE
03/31/1993Phoenix gets funding for spring issue 3  PHOENIX, THE
03/21/1985Granted funded 1985 1  PHOENIX, THE
04/15/1981Funding controversy (letters) 6  PHOENIX, THE
11/10/1993Congress to consider funding for Phoenix 1  PHOENIX, THE
04/13/1981Editors criticize DTH funding report 6  PHOENIX, THE
03/17/1993Congress loan could revive Phoenix 3  PHOENIX, THE
09/10/1993Congress defunds Phoenix, decides to sell computers 1  PHOENIX, THE
12/04/1985To have co-editors 1  PHOENIX, THE
04/16/1982Editorial: Phoenix funding 8  PHOENIX, THE
01/23/1992Phoenix, Daily Tar Heel merge advertising, management 3  PHOENIX, THE
11/11/1993Congress gives Phoenix $600 to help magazine rise again 1  PHOENIX, THE
09/07/1993Alumnus to revive Phoenix; congress must OK funding 1  PHOENIX, THE
09/14/1989Student newsweekly will buy computers 1  PHOENIX, THE
03/28/1985Merited by CGC 1  PHOENIX, THE
09/07/1989Congress to address funding 1  PHOENIX, THE
12/04/1985Students orgs. not recognized by UNC 1  PHOENIX, THE
01/24/1984Smith named editor of "Phoenix" 3  PHOENIX, THE
09/14/1989Phoenix to recieve funds 1  PHOENIX, THE
01/24/1986Editorial: Spawning aborted hacks 6  PHOENIX, THE
09/10/1982Media Board elects Phoenix editor... 1  PHOENIX, THE
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