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04/11/1995Hardin urges 166 inductees of phi betta kappa to keep learning 2  PHI BETA KAPPA
12/04/1992they came, they saw, they're Phi Beta Kappa 3  PHI BETA KAPPA
04/22/1972Record...initiated (213) Phi Beta Kappa 2  PHI BETA KAPPA
04/26/1973Honors 150 for academic work 3  PHI BETA KAPPA
01/09/19955 UNC student-athletes earn Phi Betta Kappa key 7  PHI BETA KAPPA
04/06/1977Phi Beta Kappa raises entrance standard 1  PHI BETA KAPPA
12/10/1971Honored at dinner 4  PHI BETA KAPPA
11/21/1995UNC Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa Inducts 149 Scholarly Students 2  PHI BETA KAPPA
11/29/1999153 Students Inducted Into Phi Beta Kappa 3  PHI BETA KAPPA
05/04/1971Phi Beta Kappa initiates 164 members 6  PHI BETA KAPPA
12/05/1991Phi Beta Kappa inducts undergrads 3  PHI BETA KAPPA
04/25/1991Inducts 141 Students 3  PHI BETA KAPPA
12/16/196996 Receive Phi Beta Kappa Gold Keys In Ceremony 1  PHI BETA KAPPA
12/07/1960Phi Beta Kappa Initiates 20 New Members 1  PHI BETA KAPPA
...A Standard Of Excellence 2  PHI BETA KAPPA
05/12/1961Phi Beta Kappa Taps 47 For Scholarship 1  PHI BETA KAPPA
12/05/1961Phi Beta Kappa Holds Initiation Here At 5: 22 Will Be Inducted Into Honor Society 1  PHI BETA KAPPA
04/11/1962Editorial: Hope For Education 2  PHI BETA KAPPA
12/06/1961Phi Beta Kappa taps 27 1  PHI BETA KAPPA
05/15/1963Phi Beta Kappa Inducts 45 1  PHI BETA KAPPA
01/04/1915Editorial: A series of coincidences - athletes who become Phi Beta Kappas 2  PHI BETA KAPPA
12/11/1963Phi Beta Kappa Takes 23 1  PHI BETA KAPPA
04/02/2013Phi Beta Kappa honor society inducts 144 new members from the University 3  PHI BETA KAPPA
05/18/196450 Students Receive Phi Beta Kappa Keys 1  PHI BETA KAPPA
05/03/1930Editorial: The Purpose of Phi Beta Kappa 2  PHI BETA KAPPA
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