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03/14/1995UNC pharmacy school lacks crucial entry-level degree 8  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
06/18/1992New deans to lead pharmacy, social work schools 1  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
07/03/1980New curriculum formed 5  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
02/27/2003School of Pharmacy receives $20 M gift 1  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
11/16/1994UNC pharmacy student wins $2,000 scholarship 3  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
03/28/2003Dean tapped for Pharmacy School 1  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
10/31/1997Legend closes chapter, remembers beginnings 3  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
01/14/1997Pharmacy schools gets $2 million 3  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
09/16/1996Research status to help pharmacy school improve health care 4  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
11/11/1996University students win $1K Kmart scholarships 3  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
02/24/1995Pharmacy school lacks crucials degree 3  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
11/04/1977Experimental system unfair (letter) 8  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
09/29/1980School to offer advanced degrees 3  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
04/11/1997Just awards 1  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
02/24/1995Pharmacy school lacks crucial degree 3  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
01/20/2004Pharmacy advantages draw many 3  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
10/06/1959Equipment Lag Halts Pharmacy Movie Plans 1  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
11/14/1959Pharmacists Are Entering New Building 1  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
04/22/1960New Pharmacy Building Dedication Set Sunday 1  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
04/26/19601,000 Pharmacists, Visitors Here Sunday For Building's Dedication 3  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
09/08/2004School to increase numbers 2  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
10/04/2004Pharmacy school to give flu shots today 3  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
10/05/2010UNC pharmacy professor receive millions from DOD 3  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
10/25/2010Pharmacy School gets $6.6 mmillion for radiation drug 3  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
08/24/2010Pharmacy school joins with Singapore 6  PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF
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